Dog Grooming

With continuing education, state of the art equipment and many many years of experience we pamper you and your pet with caring service. We use special bathing techniques and all natural shampoos that enhance your pet’s coat color and texture, your pet’s coat will shine!

Our Services Include:

Nail Trim / Manicure / Pedicure
Basic trimming and filing… it’s not just for looks, but is also an essential part of your pet’s well-being.

Bath and Brush
Ideal for short haired dogs or owners who wish to leave their pets “au natural”. Includes a bath with one of our eco-friendly shampoos, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, paw pad trim, and a sanitary trim.

The “Mini” Groom
An in-between groom to keep your pet’s coat maintained and tangle free! Essential for dogs with longer hair or those that do not require a full body trim. This does not include a full haircut, but we will do any necessary touch ups along with a bath, blow dry, full brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning/plucking, paw pad trim, and a sanitary trim to keep your pet looking good!

Our Premium Full Groom

The full package! A must for dogs requiring a breed specific haircut or pattern. We specialize in scissor work, leaving your pet’s coat full, soft and fluffy! Includes everything from the “Mini” Groom plus a full haircut of your choice.

SPA-BLUEBERRY VANILLA FACIAL SCRUB: exfoliates and eliminates facial odor. When done on a regular basis this will also help reduce tear staining.

WARREN LONDON Deep Cleaning PAWticure: Fights fungus and bacteria while it soothes and moisturizes.

TEETH BRUSHING: It is never too late to brush your dogs teeth, help to prevent tarter build up and keeps teeth white and clean after a dental cleaning from your veterinarian.