Cat Grooming

Cat Facts

  • Cats have skin and hair.  Skin and hair do not wash themselves.
  • Cats are susceptible to matting, fleas, dandruff, dander, ingrown claws, dirty behinds, and other unpleasantness.
  • Either the cat will wash itself or a person must do it for them

Does your cat need a bath?

If you want a life with less shedding…
If you dislike hairballs, dried fecal matter, urine, or anal gland matter on your cat…
If your cat is matted or has any tangled hair…
If you want a fluffy cat with soft, silky hair…

…Then a bath and blow dry is the answer!

It is important to note that regular bathing every six weeks is recommended for most cats and should be done by an expert who is trained in the proper handling of felines.  Julie is a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) and can provide guidance in the selection of appropriate grooming choices for each cat, and perform a bath and blow-dry every six weeks to keep your cat clean, fluffy, mat-free, and looking and feeling its very best!

What services are available from a skilled cat groomer?

  • Soft paw nail caps
  • De-shedding treatment
  • Sanitary trim
  • Belly shave
  • Shaving or trimming the coat to be shorter
  • Treatment of tear staining, chin acne & stud tail

What are the benefits of a regular bath and blow dry?

  • A clean, fluffy kitty that feels good
  • Less shedding & fewer hairballs (or none at all)
  • Closely trimmed nails that are less likely to damage furniture or skin & will not grow into the cat’s paw pads
  • A clean & tidy behind that doesn’t have leftover litter box “surprises” attached to it
  • No more mats or unsightly dandruff
  • No more at home grooming requirements
  • Less tear staining (or none at all)
  • No flea or tick problems
  • Few allergy problems (for cat and/or people living with the cat)
  • A beautiful kitty that others will admire

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